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Upcoming features in Seams-CMS


We never stop innovating our platform. Not only do we keep our code to the highest standards of today's security and coding styles, but we also continuously implement new features. Here is a list of some of the new features we are currently working on, or are about to be shipped.

Global overview of the Seams-CMS infrastructure


Creating a high available content platform is not easy. We must ensure that the data is always available, and cannot suffer under large amount of traffic. We must also take into account things like privacy, encryption, backups etc. This blogpost will give you some insights in our infrastructure and the way we solve some of the problems when creating a SaaS platform.

New content element: list


Today we introduce a new element that you can use in your content types: the list element. This element allows you to add any number of words to your content entries. This could be useful for instance for specifying tags or keywords for the given content entry.

Triggering GitLab-CI with Seams-CMS


If you use a static site generator like Jekyll or Gatsby with Gitlab-CI, you might want to trigger site generation each time your content changes. You could do this by triggering your CI manually, or uploading a git commit so your pipeline will trigger, but you can also let this trigger by Seams-CMS itself.

Using Seams-CMS with GastsbyJS


As you might have read before, this blog uses Seams-CMS together with GatsbyJS to generate a static site from our blog content. In this post, we tell you how we managed this and give you some ideas on how you can create your own static site with Seams-CMS and GatsbyJS.