Upcoming features in Seams-CMS


We never stop innovating our platform. Not only do we keep our code to the highest standards of today's security and coding styles, but we also continuously implement new features. Here is a list of some of the new features we are currently working on, or are about to be shipped.

Tagging assets

Right now, managing a large number of assets can become difficult. With the help of tags, you can easily filter your assets based on these tags so you can browse through your assets more efficient. Every time you upload a new file, you can add one or more tags to the file, allowing you to search for it.

Notes & Discussions

If you work with content, you sometimes want to add additional notes to your content. These notes will allow you to quickly get up to speed about certain changes for instance, or maybe you want to ask somebody else a question about the content. By attaching notes to a content entry, you will get a digital trail about the content.

Furthermore, you could even start discussions: add a note and tag somebody in it. They will automatically receive notification about the note.

Connectivity with Algolia

Algolia is a Search-as-a-Service product. It allows teams to easily develop tailored, fast search and discovery experiences that delight and convert. By connecting Seams-CMS to Algolia, it will automatically index your content to Algolia so you can easily create your own "search" functionality in your own website or application without worrying if the data is up to date.

Looking for something else?

We continuously change the priorities of our features. This means that sometimes features that aren't requested a lot will drop down to the bottom of our todo list. If you feel like you need a feature that is not on our radar yet, drop us a line with your feature request and maybe we implement your feature too!