Startups you might find interesting - Week 1


As a startup ourselves, we know just how important it is to get exposure to reach your clients. Since every link helps, we like to do our part by telling you about some of the startup apps and sites we use, see or find interesting. Since there are just so many startups out there, we probably can do this every week (we won't, but we could), but give you once in a while some of the highlights we encounter in our daily work during the development of Seams-CMS.

Box CI got our attention because of the initial blog post David Williams (the author) submitted to HackerNews ( He describes his daily adventures of creating a new continuous integration system within ten weeks. I was immediately interested in this because he would run into the same development, marketing, sales issues as we do, and we were very curious about how he would solve them.

After a few weeks, he focussed on the actual development and stopped the blogs, but after 84 days, he got up and running. The development seems to be a bit at a stand-still right now, but being able to look into (part) of the process was very helpful.

Screenshot of boxci is from the Dutch developer Rick who created a nice tool to check the SEO capacity of your website. It turned out this was not very optimized for our sites, so with the help of siteguru we were able to optimize things a bit. It turns out that SEO doesn't have to be that complex, provided you stick with some basic (and sensible) rules to begin with. We still don't score a complete 100% on our sites, but some things we can't (or won't) try to optimize.

One of the cool things is that siteguru crawls your site, and creates a detailed report for each page with information about site speed, our H1 headers, meta tags, duplications, html consistency, and much more.

Screenshot of

Google hangouts, Zoom, skype video,, WeChat. All kind of conference apps but as soon as you want to do a conference, there are all kind of limitations (i don't have google, do you have google? No I have skype etc.), or you can hang out with just a few people in the room. is a simple, but a handy site that lets you create your conference room for which you only need to send the link to other parties. They can quickly join, share screens, files, and chat.

It's not quite ready as a replacement for webinars, but for simple meetings with a few people, it works perfectly. It's got plugins that you can write yourself to create additional functionality, like sharing terminal screens, locking your room for others and even record your screen.

Some of the plugins and the translations are open-sourced so you can even contribute to them if you like (we did with the Dutch translations, because.. well,.. why not?)

Screenshot of

So much more to follow

There are so many good ideas and startups that transform those ideas into websites and apps that makes it pretty much impossible to follow them all. Unfortunately, not all of them will succeed. How many depends a bit on your definition of success and failure and if not for anything else, it's always a good exercise in learning new development, marketing or sales skills in the end.