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Data vs content: it's all about the context

When talking to people about Seams-CMS, I often tell people that Seams-CMS is not only a CMS but more of a Data Management System (DMS). And even though we don't call it Seams-DMS, we do primarily see and develop it as a DMS. So what is the difference between a CMS and DMS?

A new decade, a new way of looking at content

In the last ten years, website developers saw a significant change in how sites are developed. Instead of monolithic sites that combine both a frontend (what you see) with a backend (the "meat" of the website that does something), we now more often than not split these two components.

Upcoming features in Seams-CMS

We never stop innovating our platform. Not only do we keep our code to the highest standards of today's security and coding styles, but we also continuously implement new features. Here is a list of some of the new features we are currently working on, or are about to be shipped.

New content element: list

Today we introduce a new element that you can use in your content types: the list element. This element allows you to add any number of words to your content entries. This could be useful for instance for specifying tags or keywords for the given content entry.

Welcome to the Seams-CMS blog

Welcome to the first post of the Seams-CMS blog! In this blog we try to keep you up to date on all things Seams-CMS: new updates, new features, tips, tricks and a dive into the kitchen where we from time to time will tell you about the experiences of running a SaaS platform like Seams-CMS.