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Data vs content: it's all about the context


When talking to people about Seams-CMS, I often tell people that Seams-CMS is not only a CMS but more of a Data Management System (DMS). And even though we don't call it Seams-DMS, we do primarily see and develop it as a DMS. So what is the difference between a CMS and DMS?

Startups you might find interesting - Week 1


As a startup ourselves, we know just how important it is to get exposure to reach your clients. Since every link helps, we like to do our part by telling you about some of the startup apps and sites we use, see or find interesting.

A new decade, a new way of looking at content


In the last ten years, website developers saw a significant change in how sites are developed. Instead of monolithic sites that combine both a frontend (what you see) with a backend (the "meat" of the website that does something), we now more often than not split these two components.

Parsing complex search queries


An important factor in a system like Seams-CMS is the fact we need to be able to let users search for data. Creating a system that can deal with such complex questions sounds like a daunting task, but is, in fact, a relatively simple problem: we treat our search queries as a custom programming language.